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Quand notre terroir raconte notre histoire

Terroirs & Landscapes

“A star-shaped wine-producing area”, “the appellation with a thousand viewpoints”, “a land shaped like the palm of a hand”: a few of the many metaphors that describe what is distinctive about the lands around Mercurey.

Nuances in the soil and the mosaic of terroirs within the area make it a unique appellation that stands out from other Burgundy appellations. Drink a Mercurey and discover another side to Burgundy!

A mosaic of soils and terroirs / Many geological layers

With its hamlets, châteaux and churches, Mercurey and its surrounding area have a rich heritage. However, Mercurey is much more than a historical site, with its rare geological diversity. The landscape is intertwined with small valleys at an altitude of 300 metres, and the typical character of our wines mainly comes from the soil. The rocks standing over Mercurey date back to the Middle Jurassic and early Late Jurassic period.

In the vineyards, the wine stock’s roots cross through layers of rocks with very different qualities. This exceptional mosaic of geological layers is a gift to winegrowers who work an extremely rich soil. There are three main terroirs:

  • hard limestone soils
  • marl soils
  • stony soils

Our wines grown on these soils have unique colours and are very different between varieties. That is why people talk about “wines” from Mercurey, and not one specific type of wine.

The area is located in a semi-continental climate zone, with low humidity, protected from west winds, relatively sunny and dry, thanks to the region’s typically warm summers and cold winters.