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Mercurey’s diversity is not only apparent in its soil and your glass. The appelation covers a mosaic of terroirs, when it comes to the men and women who produce Mercurey’s wines, diversity is a given: diversity of experience, views, techniques and experiments.

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A group looking to the future

Since 1923, when the Mercurey appellation was created by the court of Chalon-sur-Saône, the identity and quality of our wines has endured and spread beyond borders. Over time, our winegrowers leave their mark on the land as they follow a shared philosophy: to create wines that express the complexity of the terroir with balance and finesse.

Just like the wine from our appelation, our group of winegrowers is known for its generosity, dynamism and diversity. Mercurey’s winegrowers are always attentive, acting to protect biodiversity and the environment and prioritising conservation to pass a healthy land on to future generations.

The men and women who make Mercurey’s wines are fun-loving and open-minded and always open to discussion during a tasting session, tour or walk.