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An emblematic heritage site in mercurey

Caveau de La Chapelle

We are delighted to host your receptions in the Caveau de la Chapelle. This recently restored, emblematic building is a piece of Mercurey’s heritage. This site is symbolic to the village and its residents, as legend says that it was the first place that Mercurey’s wine makers were able to sell their bottles. It has been owned by Mercurey’s wine producers since 1971, although it was built in the 16th century on the site of Saint Peter’s chapel.

Sample Mercurey: a unique setting for a unique experience

The Caveau de la Chapelle has been recently renovated and brought up to standard, and it opens its doors to visitors and organised events. It has been redesigned as a cultural centre, a place of sharing, and it will be appreciated by those keen on history, old buildings and unique places!

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